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A note from Doug Walker Senior Pastor

I want to personally thank you for being part of Fellowship of the Parks.  As we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, I invite you to join us on an incredible journey over the next three years.  I'm excited to introduce My FOTP 30.



  • 3620 people have been baptized since 1993

  • We've experienced 600% growth at the Northlake campus since it launched in 2017

  • 400 attended Easter Sunday at the Bedford campus in only our third Easter since opening


We want to continue to provide a culture where everyone feels welcome at FOTP. We are all God's children, flawed and stained by sin, but we believe in the power of the Gospel to redeem us. We want to offer hope and see people commit to Jesus and connect at FOTP to become a part of the family.  Take a look at what we've accomplished together:


  • 450 couples have prepared for marriage in our Launch Class

  • 1900 couples have been strengthened in Pursue Oneness

Years ago, we started a movement to impact the families in our church and community in a big way. Families are our hope for the future and our hope to transform our communities powerfully. We will emphasize our families growing closer to God and closer to each other more than ever before.  Take a look at what we've accomplished together:




Followers of Jesus should stand in the gap and take on responsibility for others' irresponsibility. Our Orphan Care ministry will continue to defend those in need by encouraging and empowering everyone at FOTP to get involved in impacting the lives of children who are orphans. We are passionate about seeing fewer orphans and more families.   Take a look at what we've accomplished togheter:

  • 1000 beds have been delivered to families in need

  • 63 families have fostered or adopted children



We will increase our investment in kids and students because the church is where they find real hope. Our mission is to help kids and students know Jesus and His love, experience an authentic and caring community of faith, and develop into healthy, fully devoted followers of Jesus. We believe FOTP kids and students can and will become future leaders, extending hope and making a real difference in our world.  Take a look at what we've accomplished together:

  • 13,609 students attended a midweek service in 2022

  • 81 students were baptized last year




We want to add our sixth campus! New campuses in new places are the most significant way to reach new people. We want to see an FOTP campus in every school district and would love to launch our next campus in Decatur, TX.



Student Pastors and leaders will provide a ministry track for student leadership development. Students will lead FOTP Kids summer events, camps, and an urban campus launch.



We will provide new opportunities for young adults 20-30 yrs to grow their faith, build leadership skills, cultivate authentic community, and reach their peers for Christ.



We will continue to pour into and expand our ministry with an increased focus on newlyweds and blended families. We will add marriage-intensive support for those who need it and provide resources to other churches in Tarrant and Denton counties. We will also provide parents with training and support to better equip their kids.



We will continue to provide opportunities for people to participate in the Orphan Care movement. We'll increase our social media and web presence to provide additional access to critical resources. You'll see streamlined classes for foster/adoption families, training for respite care workers, bed builds that provide beds to children across Texas, and the continued growth of Hope Works and Joseph's Closet.



Mental illness impacts many lives, and we want to proactively engage in the mental health conversation. Therefore, FOTP is launching a mental health movement. This movement will include large-group events to share information and have access to trained mental health coaches equipped to have healthy conversations and provide resources and direction to those who desperately need it.

Campus Updates

BEDFORD will complete safety projects, and capital improvements to expand our ministry impact, including a weekly preschool program.

GRAPEVINE will see some furnishing/space updates and debt reduction.

HASLET will receive furnishing/space updates, expansion, and debt reduction.

NORTH FORT WORTH will receive furnishing/space updates and debt reduction.

NORTHLAKE will have an expanded auditorium and student and children's space.


In order to reach our goal and fully fund every aspect of our initiative, it is important that each individual of our church be involved. Every gift will not be the same, but every gift is vital.

  • Prayerfully consider giving generously to My FOTP 30. In order to reach our $6 million goal, we need every person in our church to be involved.

  • To make a Commitment/Pledge, click the Pledge button below.

  • To make a one-time or recurring gift, click the Give button below.

  • Download the FOTP app and select “Give.”

  • Go to


What is the My FOTP 30 Initiative?

We can grow in our faith by seeking God’s leading and provision for our church and community's present and future needs. Specifically, My FOTP 30 is a 3-year initiative that will allow us to contribute toward our financial goal.


What is our financial goal for My FOTP 30?

Our goal for the My FOTP 30 initiative is to raise $6 million above our regular tithes from the fall of 2023 – December 2026.  



Why do you need a 3-year pledge?

Pledging can be an act of spiritual discipline as it provides an opportunity to trust God with our finances entirely and is a helpful tool for financial planning. Your pledge enables us to secure financing through the bank.


What happens if I am unable to fulfill my pledge?

Pledging is an estimate of giving, and sometimes, situations may prevent one person from fulfilling their total pledge, while other events may allow others to increase their pledge. Your pledge is not a binding contract but simply a statement of your intent to participate financially over the next three years.


How do I participate?

First, prayerfully consider giving generously to My FOTP 30. To reach our $6 million goal, we need every person in our church to be involved. On October 1, bring a one-time gift and a pledge indicating what you will give to My FOTP 30 over the next three years (through December 2026). This combined total will help us move forward with the bank so that we can fund our projects. 

I have a recurring donation for My FOTP Next Step. Can I continue to give through that recurring donation?
Yes!  Those will continue to process as they have.  However, please submit your Pledge/Commitment information to help us adequately plan and execute our projects.

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