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We all need to grow.

2 Peter 3:18...  grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


To PREPARE for our fall initiative, we will begin a church-wide Bible Study App along with sending a weekly prayer for the initiative via text.   To participate in the self-paced study and to receive the prayer, text PREPARE to 682-352-0900.



Join us as we look back at the first three years of My FOTP.

REACH:  600 BAPTISMS IN THE PAST THREE YEARS!  20% have been baptized since we started My FOTP. We want to continue to provide the culture where everyone feels welcomed at FOTP.  We want to offer hope and see people connect at FOTP and become a part of the spiritual family.  


RESTORE:  We have seen families growing closer to God and closer to each other more than before. Families are our hope for the future and our hope to transform our communities in a mighty way. Over 7,000 people involved in marriage ministry in the past three years through Date Nites, marriage classes and marriage mentoring! 86 people attended a 5 week class helping couples launch into a great marriage! 232 people attended a class that provides the tools and resources couples need to help their relationship become healthy again.


DEFEND those in need: Simply Love encourages and empowers everyone at FOTP to get involved in making an incredible impact on the lives of children who are orphans. Fellowship of the Parks currently has 33 families who have adopted children.  16 families are fostering children, and 8 families are pursuing foster/adoptive training.  

Partner with us in reaching, equipping, 

and defending those in need in the communities around FOTP.  Please consider making a 3-year commitment to My FOTP: The Next Step



Marriages and Families Still Need Help

Love & War Date Nite will be a fun-packed evening, unlike any other date night you’ve ever experienced. It’s a date filled with adventure and romance for every couple. There will be activities that will make you laugh, connect, and electrify your relationship.  Come learn how to fight against #1 destroyer of marriage and rekindle the spark.


Orphans Still Need Care

Be a world changer in a changing world. We believe that changing the world for one changes everything. One person. That’s all it takes to change the world for a child here and there. Orphan Sunday will connect caring kids and adults with children in poverty, provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their circumstances and reach their potential in Christ. There’s real power in one person. Join the Simply Love movement to change the destiny of a child in Tarrant County and around the world. Through support and sponsorship, one person can make an eternal difference in the life of a child. Will you be the one?

People Still Need Jesus

Every weekend FOTP is a place to invite your friends and family –



At our 25 year celebration, our church came together to GIVE one-time offerings and commit to a 3 year pledge to My FOTP: The Next Step. 



What is our financial goal for My FOTP: The Next Step?

Our goal for the initiative is to raise $3.5 million above our regular tithes and offerings.


What will we do with the $3.5 million?

We will use the resources to IMPACT our community through the following projects:

  • Justin: To provide a down payment on land and future facilities to secure a more permanent campus in the Justin/Northlake community. 

  • Grapevine:  To expand the auditorium and build out the second floor.

  • Haslet:  To finish the current expansion project and reduce debt.

  • North Fort Worth:  To design and install an outdoor recreation area for families and continue updating the first building.

  • North Texas:  To identify a location and begin a new campus in North Texas.

  • Marriages & Orphans:  To continue and advance the movement to strengthen marriages and care for orphans in an even greater way.


Why are we launching the My FOTP: The Next Step Initiative?

The initiative allows us to give funds sacrificially, and generously over and above our operating budget.  Although it is certainly about funding our construction projects, it is much more than that.  We believe this initiative will help us in reaching spiritually disconnected people with the gospel, equipping them to lead their family, and defending those in need.   


Why do you need a pledge?

Not only can pledging be an act of spiritual discipline as it provides the opportunity to completely trust God with our finances, but it will also be a helpful tool for financial planning.


Is this pledge in addition to my tithes/offerings?

Yes.  This pledge is an additional sacrificial gift that will be designated to the purpose and goals of the initiative. 


What happens if I am unable to fulfill my pledge?

Pledging is an estimate of giving.  Sometimes situations may prevent one person from fulfilling their full pledge, while other events may allow others to increase their pledge.  Your commitment card is not a binding contract, but a willing commitment you make to God.


How do I participate?

Prayerfully consider giving generously to My FOTP: The Next Step.  In order to reach our $3.5 million goal, we need every person in our church to be involved.    


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