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My FOTP: The Next Step

Four years ago, we launched the My FOTP initiative by encouraging our Fellowship of the Parks family to give sacrificially over and above their regular budget giving. God had great things in store for Fellowship of the Parks as our church came together to continue to REACH spiritually disconnected people with the gospel, become a church with a passion to RESTORE marriages and families, and to DEFEND those in need.  We have invested in a new campus, added space to existing campuses, and launched marriage and orphan care ministries.


In the Fall of 2018 we launched My FOTP: The Next Step which continues to be our opportunity to CELEBRATE, GIVE, and significantly increase our IMPACT over the next three years and beyond!

Why be involved in My FOTP The Next Step?

Because people need Jesus. Marriages and Families need help.

Orphans need care.

We all need to grow.

You play a key role in the success of My FOTP.  Please begin to pray about how you and your family help FOTP accomplish our vision.

Partner with us in reaching, equipping, 

and defending those in need in the communities around FOTP.  Please consider making a 3-year commitment to My FOTP: The Next Step

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